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Maintenance Program Setup


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Download the Computerized Maintenance Systems flyer
Many maintenance departments have found that it can be very difficult to schedule and track maintenance using a paper system.  Several great computerized alternatives exist.  These systems generate work orders on a schedule that you set, provide concise instructions to maintenance employees in executing the tasks, and store maintenance history information in an easily retrievable format.  All of this information can be searched, viewed and reported in many different ways.  If you are struggling with the difficult task of managing a facility maintenance program, you would benefit from current technology.


We are familiar with the maintenance programs on the market and we can help you select one that will work for you.  We enter all of your equipment, tasks and instructions and formulate schedules based on your needs.  This leaves you with a fully customized and functioning system that you can start using right away.  We provide training in the program and technical support for as long as you need it.


Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance can be challenging and complex.  There are multiple compliance milestones and dates.  We provide annual support to companies who need knowledgeable and experienced people to assist them in maintaining compliance once they have their plan up and running.


This support can include recurring tasks like PHA revalidations, mechanical integrity inspections, compliance audits, mini-audits, site visits for ongoing technical assistance, and help with changes and at times of employee turnover.


The information doesn’t stay good forever and we can help you stay up-to-date with changing regulations and standards, as well as improvements in the industry.  We can help you stay on top of it so your investment doesn’t become obsolete.