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iWorkWise instructors are uniquely qualified to provide meaningful training because they have had their “boots on the ground.” They have real-life experience performing the same type of hands-on work as the people they teach. Their collective expertise derives from a range of occupations as emergency responders, HAZMAT team members, engineers, military specialists, plant and engineering managers, regulators, commercial divers/welders/salvage technicians, and in some cases all of the above! In addition, all iWorkWise instructors have received advanced hazardous materials training and a minimum of 80 hours of instruction on the chemical properties and release behavior of ammonia, and ammonia emergency response techniques. Each instructor has also participated in live ammonia releases to provide first-hand understanding of the ammonia release behavior. Finally, the instructors have extensive backgrounds in safety and have provided safety instruction applicable to these various fields. When extensive hazardous materials knowledge is layered on this life experience, the result is instruction that is relevant, practical, and compelling.



Amy has nearly thirty years of industry and occupational safety experience and specializes in the practical application of safety regulation. She is a certified safety specialist, OSHA authorized trainer, Region 10 OSHA Institute trainer, USCG approved instructor, and former manager of an OSHA VPP site (the first vessel in the United States to be admitted to OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program). Amy has extensive experience with process safety and risk management and is an experienced hazardous materials and safety trainer.



Brett is a Washington state certified instructor for hazardous materials, blood borne pathogens, and confined space operations and rescue, and has been a HAZWOPER trainer for iWorkWise for 7 years.  Brett is also a certified firefighter and emergency medical technician. He is a member of a local fire department, serving on its Technical Rescue and Fire HAZMAT teams. As a former safety official for city government he acquired a comprehensive knowledge of health and safety laws, which he is able to “de-mystify” in the classroom. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental health and safety from Western Washington University.



Brian is OSHA-certified in industrial hygiene and safety, and has received additional training in emergency response and hazardous waste response. As an environmental project manager for an international diving and salvage company, he has been directly involved in coordinating and providing immediate emergency response services. An experienced instructor, Brian has provided HAZWOPER training to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and local government entities, as well as an extensive array of private companies.



Dan is a Coast Guard veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the marine industry, more than half of which has been spent planning and executing spill response.  Dan is an expert in ICS and actively drills with the oil industry, the Navy, the United States Coast Guard, the Canadian Coast Guard, and state agencies.


Dan is active in on scene response and has recently worked such spills as the New Carissa, post-Katrina cleanup in New Orleans, and most recently as On-Water Recovery Group Supervisor for the Cosco Busan spill in San Francisco.


Dan maintains licenses as Master 1600 GRT Oceans, Mate UFIV 5000 GRT Oceans, AB Unlimited, Tankerman PIC (DL), and GMDSS.  He is certified in 80-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and as a Hazardous Waste Operations Supervisor.  He specializes in both oil and ammonia refrigeration leak response.


Instructor Jake Lazenby has extensive experience with hazardous materials response scenarios and training. He brings specialized knowledge to the classroom in the areas of confined space entry & rescue, vessel operation, oil spill response, and boom & oil spill equipment deployment. Jake has taught thousands of students in hundreds of classes for iWorkWise. His down-to-earth approach to training makes for an engaging classroom experience. To complement his HAZWOPER experience, Jake has successfully completed the full curriculum for FEMA’s National Incident Management Systems Hazardous Materials Technician in a Supervisory Capacity. He is also a certified firefighter, a dive rescue technician and instructor, a first aid and CPR instructor, and an emergency medical technician.



A former Plant Operations Engineer, Jane was responsible for a 3600 HP ammonia system for fourteen years.  She also operated and managed a 6.6 megawatt diesel generated powerhouse.


Jane has extensive ammonia refrigeration experience and has been RETA certified since 1996. She has supervised and implemented PSM and RMP programs and successfully participated in many agency inspections.  She also supervised and trained a large Level B HAZMAT team for more than ten years.


Jane is an OSHA authorized 501 trainer and a University of Washington Certified Safety Specialist.



Stephanie Allen, M.S., is project manager and instructor at iWorkWise. Prior to joining iWorkWise, she was a risk management specialist for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and has extensive compliance experience, having conducted over 100 facility inspections for EPA. Working with industry to operate safe facilities, Stephanie served as editor for the EPA CAA Chemical Emergency Prevention and Planning Newsletter and as a training specialist for the EPA Region 10 Risk Management Program. She is RETA CARO-certified, and her regulatory experience includes work involving EPA’s CAA 112(r) Risk Management Program, OSHA PSM, and the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).