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Oil Spill Response



At iWorkWise we understand that the need for training employees is one of the more important elements of a safe and injury free work place. With that being said we can provide tailored training experiences to your needs that will help achieve that goal, below are some additional subjects that can be covered in an 8hr HAZWOPER course for the marine oil spill responder.


  • Hands on:
    • Deployment of containment boom (depends on availability of site)
    • Booming strategies and when to use certain techniques
    • Oil behavior and the use of absorbents (live demonstration in small pool)
    • Basic boat handling skills (safe navigation when towing containment boom, deployment of land based containment boom from land to water)
    • Description and functionality of containment boom (sizes available, end plate connectors, trouble shooting)


  • Shoreline Cleanup Techniques:
    • Passive (oil absorbent snare, low pressure flushing)
    • Aggressive (using high pressure washers, using products to break down the oil)
    • Description of high and low energy beaches and what strategies may work best


  • Decontamination (live demonstration if equipment is available):
    • Crew
    • Equipment
    • Emergency Decontamination


  • Incident Command System:
    • What you can expect during an oil spill
    • Description of the ICS including Unified Command
    • Tabletop exercises with various oil spill scenarios (utilizing the ICS system)


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