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iWorkWise provides you with quality solutions tailored to your particular regulatory and safety needs for your refrigerant systems.  We work with you to enhance confidence in your knowledge and performance in meeting your internal and external safety goals.  Our objectives are to prepare you so you can quickly and accurately provide safety and regulatory information to your personnel and to agencies such as the EPA and OSHA, to help you maintain accurate programs and safe operating systems, and to respond promptly and appropriately to potential refrigerant emergencies.

Solutions we provide include:

  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Online
  • PSM and RMP Programs
  • Refrigeration System Management for facilities having systems under 10,000 pounds
  • Support Services
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Compliance Audits
  • Code Audits
  • Mechanical Integrity Programs
  • Written Procedures (SOPs & SMPs)
  • Emergency Action and Response Plans
  • Fluorocarbon Refrigerant Plans
  • Ammonia Safety
  • PSM Training
  • HAZWOPER Training
  • NH3 Command App