Ballast Water Management

 Ballast Water Management (BWM)

Invasion of harmful aquatic organisms through ballast water is recognized as a serious threat to global biological diversity and human health. Studies carried out in several countries have shown that many species of bacteria, plants, and animals can survive in a viable form in the ballast water and sediment carried in vessels, even after journeys of several months’ duration.

Discharge of this ballast water or sediment into the waters of a port may result in the establishment of harmful organisms in those waters, which can cause damage to the marine environment. The objectives of this plan are to minimize the introduction of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens from the vessel’s ballast water and associated sediments while protecting the vessel’s safety.

We will assist you in determining applicability of BWM requirements and will prepare plans for your vessel or fleet of vessels that will meet federal, state and Canadian requirements.  We will also assist you with meeting annual reporting requirements.