Compliance Audits

PSM / RMP Program Compliance Audits

Program audits covering PSM and RMP are required to be completed every three years.

iWorkWise conducts the audit and determines recommendations with a team of facility personnel.  The audit consists of:

  • Review of each of the fourteen sections of the existing PSM program and the RMP, including both written and operational procedures, using the most current industry standard methodology and documented in an audit checklist format.
  • Interview of operators and plant personnel to obtain input on the program and to assess levels of expertise with program elements and industry standards such as IIAR documents.
  • Assessment of compliance based on the standard, directives and industry citations.
  • Audit meeting conducted and documented with facility personnel including at a minimum: Chief Refrigeration Engineer, Safety Manager and an employee.
  • Provide appropriate documentation of audit for facility records required by the standard.
  • Development of a corrective action table with plant personnel to establish priorities, timetables, requirements and responsibilities for audit findings.