Refrigeration System Management (safety for facilities <TQ)

Refrigeration System Management (RSM) Program

If you have a refrigeration system under 10,000 pounds, the General Duty Clauses, enforced by both OSHA and EPA, compel you to maintain and operate the system safely and to be able to demonstrate that you do. iWorkWise develops safety programs specific to smaller refrigeration systems that are concise, comprehensive, site-specific and workable.

An RSM program from iWorkWise can include any of the following:

  • Refrigeration System Documentation: Drawings, manuals, labels and placards, code compliance review
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Specified minimum procedures
  • Preventive Maintenance (PMs): Checklists and schedules, or work orders
  • Refrigeration System Specifications (RSS): Quality plan for system
  • Contractor Program: Approval process, orientation, job checklist
  • Emergency Action or Response Plan (EAP or ERP)
  • Incident Investigation: Minor/major
  • Training: Operations, emergency actions or response
  • Management of Change (MOC) Form: Provides a guide for system changes
  • Hazard Review/Hazard Analysis: Assessment of system hazards
  • Compliance Audits: To meet plant and corporate requirements
  • Freon Management Programs: Including electronic tracking of systems and inventory