Safety Management Systems

iWorkWise will work with you to develop a corporate health and safety management system taking into consideration the ISO, OHSAS, and ANSI standards for safety management systems. The program will outline specific expectations and responsibilities for health and safety at all levels of management, and identify required activities to ensure health and safety programs are implemented effectively and efficiently. It will also provide for program and document control. The intent of the program is to make programs process and organization based, not personality dependent, and implement current best practices and methods with regards to safety program management.

The program will include:

  • A training matrix specifying required training and qualifications related to safety, including required schedules.
  • A description and schedule of audits and program verification elements.
  • Specific safety and health responsibilities by job title.
  • Self-inspection checklists, annual, monthly, weekly, and daily as needed.
  • A plan for revolving focus around specific programs to ensure regular assessment of health and safety efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A plan for document control and approval.

Hands-on training of key staff includes the following:

  • How to implement and manage inspections.
  • Responsibilities under the SMS for safety and compliance.
  • Self-inspection of their facility for violations and hazards.
  • Utilizing previous ┬ácompany violations to improve current processes.